The beginning.



I started my summer adventure at 6 AM mountain time on Thursday the 22nd.   My dad drove me 100 miles to the airport. Bismarck-Minneapolis(1)-Amsterdam(8)-Norway(1.5). After 10 and a half hours of flying and many hours sitting in the airports, we finally hit Oslo around 11 am the next Friday. We then sat for 2 hours and waited to go on an hour and a half bus ride off to Moss. I had been motion sick all day because of the flying/lack of sleep, however the ride was beautiful.

When we arrived at the apartments that we were staying in, the faculty at the ACN did almost everything in their power to help keep us awake. We had been up for 30 hours and needed a nap! They insisted that it would throw off our jet leg and it did. We finally called it quits and went to bed at 7:30PM but I am now writing this blog at 3:30 AM because I unfortunately cannot sleep. Before we went to sleep, we went and met some the faculty. Mari, a faculty member took us to downtown Moss to go to the grocery store, pharmacy, and to look at the mall. It was crazy to the students from North Dakota about the distance we had to walk. It was not very far, however the other ND girl that I was with agreed with me that we would have taken a car to get there. The other two girls from Philadelphia and New Jersey said that they would have walked there. Just goes to show that people are different from different parts of the states. We all felt really bad but while we were on our “tour”, we kind of felt like zombies and really did not want to talk and walk-just get food and go to sleep.

`The four of us ended up walking back and finding a pizza place near the college. I still have not figured out how much kroner is in USD but the Pizza cost 250 Kronor. One of the girls paid because she was the only one who had already transferred money into Kronor. All the rest of us figured that we would just use our card- but it is kind of hard to split a pizza with 4 different credit cards. The Pizza was pretty good- tasted similar to what you would have at the Union.

After pizza we went to go look at the student center that the ACN has available to us. It is so cool. There are leather couches, tons of games, nice TV and just a fun place for us all to hang out. I hope to meet more students and spend some more time in there tomorrow or today I guess beings its now 4 am.

Things I have learned just by coming here: Texting is 50 cents without Wi-Fi and you are not around Wi-Fi as much as you would like to be. Be careful with the stove/washer because it is in Celsius.


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