Thoughts to make a person go crazy

I am getting ready to go to the study abroad meeting and I looked through my student handbook. I have heard advice from former students. Here are some thoughts going through my head.

1) I need to learn military time?! 21:00 – 12:00, so 9PM.

2) What do I pack?- They do not wear shorts or sweatpants, those are the staples of my summer wardrobe.

3) I read in the handbook that I am encouraged to try liver-nope, not happening-okay maybe-we’ll see.

4) I do not know how to speak the language, How will I know the difference between laundry soap and fabric softener once I get there?

5) How do you cram 10 pairs of shoes in your suit case? (rain boots, especially.)

6) There isn’t any peanut butter in Norway?

7) What am I forgetting to do that is essential for studying abroad?

-Hopefully this meeting gives me more insight to what I will really need to know.

-PS. I leave in a month and a half. (freak out mode=engaged)



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